Gambia: Mayor Bensouda condemns attack on police, calls for immediate action to tackle rising crime


In a resolute address following a distressing incident, Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda expressed his unwavering commitment to preserving democracy and freedoms in The Gambia while emphasizing the critical importance of security and stability.

The occasion was prompted by a late-night call that delivered alarming news: Gambia police officers had been shot on duty at the Sukuta traffic light.

Mayor Bensouda, visibly concerned by this escalation in criminal activity, asserted, “Being called from sleep to be informed about our Gambia police officers being shot on duty this night at Sukuta traffic light has confirmed to me that the series of crime sprees reported and suspected to my office is proof that serious crime in The Gambia is on the rise and must be tackled immediately.”

In a call to action, Mayor Bensouda urged the various branches of government to recognize the significance of The Gambia’s reputation for low crime rates, which, he asserted, was a vital asset for the nation.

He emphasized that preserving this reputation required “deliberate and sustained action.”

“All resources must come to bear to find the culprit(s) of this attack on our security forces at Sukuta traffic light!” Mayor Bensouda declared, underlining the urgency of the situation.

He further pledged his full support, stating, “I stand with the Gambia police forces in this difficult time and will immediately make all our council security resources available for their disposal.”

This incident has raised concerns about the security situation in The Gambia, and Mayor Bensouda’s impassioned response reflects the determination to address the issue head-on, ensuring the safety and stability of the nation.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda is the mayor of Kanifing municipality. He is the son of top lawyer Amie Bensouda and Ahmed Bensouda, who served as a permanent secretary at the Ministry of Finance in the First Republic.

Since coming as a virtual unknown and storming to win the 2018 mayoral election, the Bensouda juggernaut has been unstoppable.

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