UAE health authorities announce further ease of Covid measures


On Sunday, health authorities in the United Arab Emirates have announced the easing of several COVID-19 measures as cases continue to drop across the country.

Starting Monday, wearing masks will be optional in all open and closed facilities, except health facilities and centers for people of determination where the mask mandate still stands, the UAE’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority said.

As for the Al Hosn App, the Green Pass will no longer be required to enter public places. Instead, its use will be limited to proof of vaccination and test results upon request, whether inside the country or abroad.

Praying on personal mats will be optional in mosques and praying facilities.

With regards to sporting events and activities, NCEMA said that organizing bodies may request “pre-examination” or vaccination certificates, depending on the “type” or “importance of the activity.”

The mandatory five-day isolation period will still stand for those who are infected with the virus and coronavirus PCR testing and treatment facilities will continue to operate as per usual.

“In the past period, we have witnessed a noticeable decrease in infections and deaths, which indicates the extent of society’s awareness and application of all precautionary and preventive measures to preserve the country’s gains and achievements,” NCEMA said.

The UAE recorded 263 new COVID-19 cases, 290 recoveries and zero deaths on Sunday, according to the latest available data.

“The UAE government has made unremitting efforts during the last period to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in increased awareness on how to deal with epidemics and diseases,” NCEMA added.

“The health sector, in coordination and cooperation with concerned authorities, intensified its efforts to deal with the health crisis, stemming from the belief that society’s health is a top priority of the wise leadership.

“We affirm that the health sector will continue to monitor the situation and implement active monitoring in all regions of the country.”

NCEMA also announced that a set of measures will now be included in the ‘National Active Monitoring Program for Influenza and Acute Respiratory Disease’ for the health sector.

The UAE in September announced the easing of several COVID-19 restrictions, including mask-wearing in indoor and outdoor public spaces.

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