Kaduna Council of Imams condemns Senate’s failure to confirm El-Rufai


The Council of Imams and Ulamas in Kaduna state has raised concerns regarding the Senate’s decision to not confirm Nasir El-Rufai, the former Governor of Kaduna State, as a ministerial nominee.

The Senate recently withheld confirmation for El-Rufai and two other nominees due to pending security checks.

The Council of Imams and Ulamas, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the Senate’s rationale, characterising it as a manifestation of political vendetta and an abuse of power against the former governor.

In a press conference held in Kaduna State, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Imams and Ulamas, Imam Muhammad Kasshim, spoke on behalf of his colleagues.

He questioned the Senate’s deferral of El-Rufai’s confirmation based on petitions against him, particularly those from Shiites that have been proscribed by the Federal Government and certain members of the Christian community.

Imam Kasshim emphasized that “relying solely on such petitions to deny El-Rufai’s confirmation would not be conducive for the nation’s future.”

The Muslim clerics criticized the petitions against El-Rufai by Shiites and others, denouncing them as baseless and without merit.

They alleged that certain individuals, who feel threatened by El-Rufai’s appointment and significant political stature, might be orchestrating his current predicament.

The Council of Imams and Ulamas called upon the Senate to promptly grant El-Rufai clearance as a minister, citing his competence and contributions to the success of the All Progressives Congress during the Presidential election.

They also cautioned against allowing politics of vendetta and the misuse of power to prevail against the former governor, asserting that “all well-meaning Nigerians should resist such practices.”

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