Alozie refutes private meeting with Lauren James after stomping incident


In the aftermath of a controversial stomping incident that occurred during Nigeria’s encounter with the Lionesses in the FIFA Women’s World Cup round of 16, Super Falcons’ player Michelle Alozie has firmly denied engaging in a private dialogue with English forward Lauren James.

Speculation had circulated that a private exchange took place between the two players subsequent to the incident.

The incident in question transpired during the intense match, in which Chelsea forward Lauren James stomped on Alozie, the defender, resulting in a red card for James and a subsequent two-game suspension.

This incident further aggravated Nigeria’s loss to the Lionesses, as the Super Falcons succumbed to a 4-2 defeat in a penalty shootout following a goalless normal and extra time.

Lauren James subsequently offered an apology on social media platforms, acknowledging her actions and expressing remorse.

However, Michelle Alozie has clarified that James did not personally reach out to her regarding the incident.

In an appearance on Channels Television’s Sports Tonight, Alozie stated, “No, she did not reach out to me, but the apology was on Twitter and Instagram.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, Alozie humorously remarked that her images in the aftermath of the incident have transformed into popular internet memes.

She recounted, “I think it was kind of funny how it all came about. After the game, obviously, I was really upset and wasn’t really looking at my phone. So, some of my teammates were like ‘Michelle, you have to see this photo of you, maybe it would make you smile a little bit’ because I was kind of upset.”

Amidst the backdrop of a bonus-related dispute that disrupted Nigeria’s pre-tournament preparations, the Super Falcons managed to secure a second consecutive advancement to the knockout stage of the World Cup. Alozie commended her team’s resilience and determination, emphasizing that they did not allow external influences to define their performance.

Coach Randy Waldrum’s squad achieved an impressive feat in the competition, departing without losing a game in open play. This noteworthy accomplishment was recognized by FIFA, ranking Nigeria as the seventh-best team in the tournament.

Alozie expressed optimism about the broader impact of Nigeria’s stellar performance on the development of women’s football in the nation. She described participating in the World Cup as a realization of a cherished childhood aspiration.

This standout performance on the global stage is anticipated to catalyze further advancements in women’s football within Nigeria.

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