President Adama holds delivery forum with finance ministry, establishes SOE commission


President Adama has presided over a crucial delivery forum, bringing together high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Leading the delegation was the Honorable Minister Seedy Keita, who presented a comprehensive overview of the ministry’s actions over the past six months, encompassing microeconomic strategies, the execution of the 2023 budget, and the performance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

The forum, which took place at the State House, served as a platform to apprise the Head of State about the ministry’s extensive work in multiple critical sectors.

Key aspects of the presentation revolved around the evaluation of the nation’s macroeconomic landscape, the progress in budget implementation, and a meticulous assessment of the SOEs’ operational performance.

One of the most pressing issues addressed during the forum was the state of revenue generation in the country. Despite persistent challenges and uncertainties, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs acknowledged that it had grappled with cost pressures while striving to maintain revenue stability.

This revelation underscored the complexities inherent in the economic climate, prompting the need for strategic interventions.

In a bid to tackle the financial challenges confronting state owned enterprises, President Adama announced the establishment of a dedicated SOE commission.

This commission is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing the financial stability and operational efficiency of these entities, which are currently grappling with financial hardships.

The forum’s insights and deliberations suggest that the government is acutely aware of the economic intricacies at play and is committed to proactive measures to address the financial well-being of the nation.

With the SOE Commission’s formation, a new chapter in the government’s efforts to bolster economic stability and efficiency has been initiated, signaling a renewed commitment to fiscal responsibility.

As President Adama continues to steer the nation through these challenging economic times, this forum stands as a testament to his dedication to ensuring the economic prosperity of the country and the well-being of its citizens.

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