Nigeria: Southwest state speakers convene in Lagos to foster regional progress


In a significant move aimed at advancing the welfare and development of Nigeria’s southwestern region, state speakers from the Southwestern part of the country convened on Monday at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

The meeting, hosted by Lagos Speaker Mudashiru Obasa, witnessed the gathering of prominent legislative figures from across the region, setting the stage for discussions pivotal to the progress of the zone.

The timely gathering preceded the upcoming Abuja meeting of the conference of Speakers of State legislatures in Nigeria, where the selection of a national chairman is on the agenda.

The Lagos meeting served as a crucial preliminary event for the southwestern representatives, allowing them to align their regional priorities and strategies.

Among the esteemed State Speakers in attendance were Taiwo Oluomo of Ogun State, Adebo Ogundoyin of Oyo State, Adeoye Aribasoye of Ekiti State, Adewale Egbedun of Osun State, and Olamide Oladiji of Ondo State.

Their presence underscored the gravity of the issues at hand and highlighted the importance of inter-state cooperation in driving the progress of Nigeria’s southwestern states.

The discussions during the meeting delved into a wide range of regional challenges and opportunities, including economic development, infrastructure, security, and social welfare.

The State Speakers engaged in constructive dialogue, sharing insights and experiences that could pave the way for innovative solutions to these pressing issues.

As the nation eagerly anticipates the national chairman selection at the Abuja meeting, the unity and determination displayed by the southwestern State Speakers in Lagos send a powerful message of regional solidarity.

Their commitment to addressing the unique needs of their respective states and working collaboratively to achieve common goals is a testament to the potential for positive change within the southwestern region of Nigeria.

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