Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick-Lowe, takes active role in “OVERDUE”


The Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick-Lowe, has embarked on a significant mission aimed at addressing sanitation challenges in urban Africa.

Mayor Lowe’s participation was made public through her official Facebook page earlier today.

The program known as “OVERDUE: Tackling the sanitation taboo in urban Africa,” took place at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, situated at the prestigious University College London.

Mayor Lowe was enthusiastic about sharing her experiences at the event, highlighting its objectives and purpose.

In her Facebook post, Mayor Lowe explained, “Today I participated in a program called OVERDUE: Tackling the sanitation taboo in urban Africa. This regional meeting is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, and will span two days. The primary goal of this regional gathering is to collaboratively formulate a regional call to action and launch an advocacy campaign to promote equitable and sustainable sanitation practices across urban Africa.”

She further emphasized the importance of the program by stating, “This initiative focuses on advocating for just sanitation, and the ‘Just Sanitation for African Cities’ campaign seeks to draw attention and expedite action towards Sustainable Development Goals 6. These goals target local and regional governments and organizations, all in preparation for the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals Summit in New York, where the focus will be on promoting just sanitation.”

Lowe was not alone in her participation; she represented the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa and its network of Local Elected Women of Africa (REFELA). She, alongside four REFELA Vice Presidents from various African regions (Southern, Eastern, Central, and North), was a prominent presence at the event. As the President of the network in Africa, Mayor Lowe played a pivotal role in conveying the commitment of REFELA to the cause.

The “OVERDUE” program witnessed attendance from representatives of seven cities: Abidjan, Antananarivo, Beira, Bukavu, Freetown, Mwanza, and Saint Louis, all of which are actively involved in addressing sanitation challenges.

Furthermore, civil society organizations were integral to the event, with notable attendees including Slum Dwellers International and Habitat International Coalition, among others.

Mayor Lowe expressed her gratitude towards the organizers for their collaboration with REFELA and passionately conveyed REFELA’s mission, stating, “We, as REFELA members, COMMIT, RECOGNIZE, ACT, VALORIZE, and ENGENDER for Just Sanitation for African Cities.”

This participation by Mayor Malick Lowe underscores the significance of international collaboration and collective action in tackling the critical issue of sanitation in urban Africa.

The “OVERDUE” program promises to be a catalyst for positive change in this vital aspect of sustainable development.

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